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Ricky Adam was born in Bangor, Northern Ireland in 1974.

Ricky has been involved in the D.I.Y. punk community for many years & has been Co. Editor/Photographer for 'DIG BMX' magazine for over 20 years.

He has spent ‘X’ amount of years playing in bands & traveling all over the world taking photographs. 

Ricky is rarely without a camera and over the years has built up a unique series of photographs.  

"The way I work is kinda haphazard and often out of compulsion. I tend to only photograph things that genuinely interest me. I’ve found that’s the way to get the best results." - Ricky Adam

His work has been featured in many worldwide publications/record labels, some of which include: DIG BMX magazine, The Independent, Juxtapoz, Obey, Maximum Rock N’Roll, British Journal of Photography, Upper Playground, Hamburger Eyes, Dischord Records, Burning Heart Records.

His work has also been exhibited in art shows throughout the world. 

How did you come to find photography?

RA: Photography for me is something that started out purely as a hobby.

I grew up with photography in my blood but frustratingly never had the money to buy a camera of my own until I turned 19, as soon as this happened I was terminally hooked. It just feels right, it’s always felt right. I started out photographing punk gigs in Belfast. All my friends were into punk & BMX. So, the things I photographed were a direct response to that, and a catalyst for picking up a camera in the first place.


What are some of your favourite things to photograph?

RA: I like to take photographs of anything that interests me. In some cases a random picture I've taken has turned into a bigger project. It’s good for me to have a few different projects going on that are totally disconnected so that if I get burnt out doing one thing, I can focus on another. Currently, I have a few  long term projects on the boil. 


What attracts/attracted you to photography as opposed to other expressive/artistic mediums such as Writing and Painting?

RA: I quickly realised that photography was something that I could do quite well. It fitted in with my lifestyle. I liked the immediacy of it and it's such a great way of communicating + it was fun, so I stuck at it. I really like painting but personally find the process too slow. I also see photography as a form of collecting which suits me. I've always been a collector of things such as records, comic books, & whatnot and taking photos is an extension of this.


What is your photographic process? Digital/ film?

RA: The way I work is kinda haphazard and often out of compulsion. I tend to only photograph things that genuinely interest me. I’ve found that’s the way to get the best results – from photographing things that I find inspiring.
Some projects are solely focused on one particular subject/theme. But other times I’ll take photos here & there, which over time I eventually edit down into different sets. I like how projects organically form out of the tangle of images. This fermenting over time approach works for me.
I shoot both film & digital. I shot film for years (pre digital) – A lot of my favourite photos were shot on film. I find myself using a lot more digital these days. It’s more cost effective, faster and better for the environment. Ultimately, as long as I get the pictures that I want it doesn’t matter to me what format they were shot on.

Client list:

  • Nike
  • Howies
  • Adidas
  • Carhartt
  • ESPN
  • Vans
  • Red Bull
  • Esquire Russia
  • Etnies
  • Quintin Co.
  • 4-Down 
  • Savakas
  • Federal
  • Snickers
  • Urb Orbis
  • AKQA
  • United bike co. 
  • Upper Playground
  • Profile Racing
  • Mutiny
  • Duffs
  • BSD
  • FIT 
  • S&M bikes
  • Zoom media
  • Primo
  • Hoffman bikes 
  • Prime & Fire
  • Terrible one
  • Animal 
  • We The People
  • FBM bike co.
  • 2Hip bikes
  • Burning Heart records
  • Dischord records

Print Publications:

  • Destroying Everything (book)
  • DIG magazine
  • Maximum Rock N' Roll
  • GQ magazine
  • The Guardian
  • The Independent
  • British Journal of Photography
  • Juxtapoz
  • Pitchfork
  • Obey (supply & demand book)
  • Backyard Shakedown (book)
  • Women's Health
  • Vice
  • Source magazine
  • The Telegraph
  • NME
  • Hot Press magazine
  • Glad To See The Back Of You (Zine')
  • Freedom magazine
  • Hamburger Eyes
  • Lo-Down magazine
  • Soul BMX magazine
  • The Vacuum
  • Document skateboard magazine
  • Sushi magazine
  • Untitled V1 (book)
  • Hope collective punk cook book
  • Cycling weekly
  • Trust magazine
  • Heckler magazine
  • Visions magazine
  • Red Bull Illume (books x3) - 2006, 2010 + 2013
  • Nike 'partners in crime' (book)
  • etc...

Online Publications:

  • DIG BMX 
  • Red Bull Illume
  • Huffington Post
  • High Snobiety
  • Hypebeast
  • Time Out
  • Outside magazine
  • Carne magazine
  • The Heavy Collective
  • Fecal Face
  • Hamburger Eyes
  • Drago
  • Outside magazine
  • Fashercise
  • Menswear Style
  • Imperfect Matter
  • Open college of the arts
  • Empty Stretch
  • Push it a Stop
  • Photo Book Show
  • Pretty Fit
  • Every Peoples
  • Informal London
  • X Games
  • Lost At E Minor
  • Zen
  • Defgrip
  • Trajectories
  • The Come Up
  • Cooph
  • Pedal Consumption
  • Elder Thing
  • Full Frokkul
  • Pulp Factor
  • Deer Brains
  • Raw Blow
  • Mull it Over
  • Rapha
  • The Opening Hours
  • Darwin magazine
  • BNQT
  • One Giant Arm
  • Fat BMX
  • Freedom
  • This Isn't Happiness
  • etc...